Roger Groom

Appreciation for observations

This is a nice gesture. In 2014 I recorded observations of the comet that the spacecraft Rosetta (with Philae lander) was approaching over many nights, providing these to Padma who collated such data from amateur astronomers. It's nice to have something in appreciation of the efforts.

Lake Ballard

Lake Ballard is a salt lake in the Goldfields region of Western Australia. The salt lake is home to an art installation by Antony Gormley know as Inside Australia. This combination of remote salt lake, sculptures and interesting landforms makes Lake Ballard a popular destination for photographers, amateur astronomers, astrophotographers…

Fields of Gold

  A nice sunset with golden light on the farmland and clouds. A green grass tree in the foreground provides nice contrast to the scene beyond. A rainbow is visible in the far distance on the right horizon - a pot of gold at it's base perhaps? Taken in Gidgegannup, Western…