I am still alive!

You might be looking at this website thinking Roger Groom is no longer with us. After all, it's been something like a year since I updated this site. Well, I am still here! Just busy with other things. So why haven't I been posting here? Well, I have been busy:…

Back at Kalbarri

Back at Kalbarri in Westen Australia's mid-west region for a family holiday, I've been snapping some new pics of the area. Fitting photography in around a 1 year old's eat and sleep routine is not impossible but it does preclude photography at one of the ideal times of day: evening/sunset.…

Appreciation for observations

This is a nice gesture. In 2014 I recorded observations of the comet that the spacecraft Rosetta (with Philae lander) was approaching over many nights, providing these to Padma who collated such data from amateur astronomers. It's nice to have something in appreciation of the efforts.
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