Comet Stuff!

Recently I have been conbritubting many hours of photography to the global effort of documenting and characterizing the comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring). This comet will be passing very close to Mars in October. Observations of this comet are useful to agencies such as NASA who have hardware orbiting Mars.…

Hello There!

I bet you thought that you saw everything in that last Karri Forest fungus photo in my previous post, but I bet you didn't see these little fellow calling out to you, waving his antenna trying to get your attention! :)

Goldy Geordie

I seem to be on a "golden sunset" theme at the moment! This time, Geordie Bay on Rottnest Island. It didn't take any thinking to compose this one, the writing was "on the wall" as soon as I parked my bike and looked up. PS the photo is straight from…

Murchison River at Hawks Head

An almost touristy view of the Hawks Head area of Murchison River in the Kalbarri National Park, this photograph shows the amazing red cliffs and still waters of the gorge during September. People can be seen on the lookout at top right. More Kalbarri photographs: Follow on Facebook: